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Making Sense of Scripture

The nature of Scripture

Dei Verbum puts before us many facets of the interpretation of Scripture; however, for the purposes of this essay I wish at first to recall only three.

The first is the likeness of Scripture to the incarnation: 'the words of God, expressed in the words of men, are in every way like human language, just as the Word of the eternal Father, when he took on himself the flesh of human weakness, became like men'4.  Secondly, 'the books of Scripture, firmly, faithfully and without error, teach that truth which God, for the sake of our salvation, wished to see confided to the sacred Scriptures'5.  Finally, Dei Verbum also says: 'the interpreter of sacred Scriptures, if he is to ascertain what God has wished to communicate to us, should carefully search out the meaning which the sacred writers really had in mind, that meaning which God had thought well to manifest through the medium of their words'6.

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